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Everything after this comment is for the game Death Dealed


[Kida had gotten back late from his most recent trip, and spent a few hours catching up with Mikado and Anri like always. But after a while, detached himself claiming he wanted to go cheer Prussia up. Which was true, though he wasn't convinced anything would actually work. He figured a couple bottles of german alcohol might set him down the right track, though.

Which is how he came to be knocking on Prussia's door sometime in the late evening.]

Pu~ro~i~taaan! Don't be asleep already, it's your favorite Kida.

Ratings Meme Breakdown

When I fill out meme's like the rating's meme for a character, certain baselines tend to develop, and then I like to talk about them:

TextCollapse )


[And then there was the day where Kida woke up in a strange bed, in a strange room.

Which was, fundamentally, not generally a bad thing. There was even a warm (but clothed??) body next to him, short blond hair, a thin frame, and buried half under the sheets. It was so achingly familiar that for a moment he also forgot it was utterly impossible.

And then, with a heartsick feeling settling in fast along with a tidal wave of confusion, because he couldn't process any other option but also HOW COULD THIS BE? he slowly pulled back the sheets, nudging her shoulder]



Okay. Aviy can't sleep so it's time for essays.

I want to cover two subjects today! First: Saki, and second: Kida and CR building. These aren't related to each other it's just two things I want to talk about.

But first some notes! anni_fiesta kindly clarified some info for me. It turns out Kida does NOT join the debt collectors in book eight. Rather, he sees them and goes up to Shizuo to apologize for what happened, and Shizuo accepts his apology in the form of a flick to the forehead (which renders Kida unconscious).

Anyway CORRECTION MADE. Moving on.

Saki aka Crazy GirlfriendCollapse )

On Kida Gaining CRCollapse )

Icon Meme

The Character Expression Meme

Character: Kida Masaomi
Journal: rabukidastrophe
RPG: soul_campaign

.sympathy..evil..innocent..in love.

Snag yourself the coding here.

End of Anime + Novels Essays! SPOILERS!

Okay, so this passing Friday, the Durarara!! anime ended. There will be two more episodes appearing on DVD, and of course we are all hoping for more seasons to cover the rest of the novels, but since that would involved a lot of waiting and self restraint on my part, I dipped into anni_fiesta's journal and read all of her provided Durarara!! translations. Now that I am FULL OF SPOILERS, I have many things to essay on regarding the end of the anime, and where things eventually go. Many of these essays involve questions, and if you have MORE SPOILERS THAN ME and want to add in anything, I will more than appreciate the help.

On Orihara IzayaCollapse )

On SakiCollapse )

On PolygamyCollapse )

Getting on a BusCollapse )

Mikado and GangbangingCollapse )

Joining the Debt CollectorsCollapse )

And, in conclusion, I think I have covered all the subjects I wanted to. As I said before, if you know extra info, have opinions, or questions, or other essay requests or whatever, please hit me up <3 I do not get tired of talking about Kida. And I want allllll the novel info I can get my grubby little paws on.

Various Things Essay

This is the essay of VARIOUS SUBJECTS all connected by the single thought I WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT

Partnering and CeltyCollapse )

Fourth Walling and Why This Shit Is ScaryCollapse )

Meta KnowledgeCollapse )